3D camera 2.0

Now it’s been 3 years since I built the first version of my 3D camera. Meanwhile we took plenty of pictures in 3D.

It always bothered me, that the previous model had no synced release. And while the landscape mode of the cameras is good for anaglyph images or 3D TVs, the portrait mode is more suitable for side-by-side images as used by paralax viewers.

By placing the cameras side-by-side in portrait mode, the whole gadget becomes a little more handy.

Key to build a new frame was the laser cutting service of Formulor. They offer laser cutting for different materials like acryl, wood, paper, etc. All one has to do is send in a vector file and you get precisely cutted profiles within a few days.

So I do hope to present some new pictures soon.

3D camera with cameras attached
3D camera acryl frame